Science and Religiousness


When more it seems that the knowledge, the wisdom, the learning, the discovering, seems to grow… –curiously, “when more”…- more the ignorance is discovered; more is discovered the proportions of what is not known, what is not understood, what is not comprehended.

It seems like… a contradiction.

But, from the praying sense, what is valued is the vertiginous action towards the infinite, towards the unlimited. Because of this, it's not important “how much more”, because “there is no more!”. “There is no more”, in the sense that “you arrive to one place”, no, but that the inexhaustible Universe that embraces us… situates us in this “proportion without dimensions”.

It is a mystery… it's as if the Divine lets us approach a little, and when -it seems like- we're closer, it opens the gate towards the abyss -which doesn't have limits-…; we’re left floating, and we stay with the clear consciousness that… everything we knew or that we have achieved, or that we have added… is… false; regarding quantity, regarding resources.

It could be that our analytic mind is full, but our consciousness of knowing -in the sense of “feeling”-, finds itself in… an unfathomable abyss.

Like this is how we could dissolve this… this question that is so much made between science and religiousness: that they are in opposition, that … that… that what?

Inevitably, as we are a Celestial inheritance, when more our resources grow, of knowing, of knowledge, of learning, of being intellectual, of deducting, closer we find ourselves to the Creation; to the Nothing; to the Divine.

It seems as if… it is the opposite! And yes! From the point of view of the first moment, in the way that the man learns, knows and dominates, -while he is in this sketch of power-, he distances himself from his spiritual animism. But when they arrive to a certain point, they realize their ignorance… and then they can’t take on this new horizon that presents itself; this new version that offers itself.

It seems as if everything was arranged like this, so that they become fed up of power, glory, and dominion!...

And… what more? In searching for this “plus”, he finds an… “infinite plus”. So, these gains are left in nothing; devalued!

There is when the hour, the hours that we employ in... in getting and in reaching!, loose their silence and begin to pray. Because it is the unique language that enters into Unison with this Creative abyss! Because it is the only format that... becomes infinite!; it is made in the infinite!; it is made in the improvisation!; it is made in the Creation…


This is how this duality of science and religiousness is dissolved, and one enters into connection with the Creation, with the Creative Mystery, and with the mystics and significant coincidences, circumstances, luck, the unexpected unforeseen... –“the nuts and bolts” of the Creation-.

It is there when the poetic reaches its necessity.

It is there when we need art, to... feel ourselves in this universal floating.

It is there when we need the necessity of what is beautiful!, to… comfort our material radicalism.

Ay!... Ay! And it is there, in this discovering without a plus, or with an unprecedented plus, where the love has its dwelling!

And it is there where we discover that, what before seemed to us to be love, was only a wanting of possessive attraction. It was only a… great deed of achieving, limited, limiting; doomed to the rupture, to divorce!

And it is there where we discover that nothing of this happens. That love in a pure state is an... enchantment!; an idyllic inspiration of inexhaustible faith, which doesn't... which doesn't end, which doesn't divorce!, which doesn't separate, but, the opposite: it amplifies!... and floods our senses; it makes us tender; it makes us... compassionate!; it makes us... understanding; it makes us embracing; it makes us feel in the bosom… of the Creator! And from it we provide ourselves with elegance and sweetness. And not because of that we stop searching!..., learning and knowing; but now –now- we know that all of this is a trifle… fragments!

Like this we discover, without pretending to, the irradiation of colour; the sound of the infinite; the daydream… without frame; the vibration without tone…; “the being”.





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