If our option or options of life… depended on the results obtained by the realization of the species, probably we would not survive.

Saying it in another way: if they asked for a result statement and ways of doing, of living, of being, according to our nature, our gifts, our capabilities... little could we contribute as a species.

Instead, in daily life, with a human reference, it is usual to ask from the others, results, achievements, behaviours; and if they agree with my criteria, good; if not, bad.

It is also common that, if something I want to get, kindly I have to behave, right? But that ends up getting caught. On the other hand, when I do not get what I want, or to my liking, I express in a bad mood, or impudence or coldness or distance.

Is this how the Creation treats us?

But, why does each one require from the others a presentation, an attitude? And above all, everyone judges everyone... with a rigor that comes to rage or, sometimes, to grudge, making a conciliation, reconciliation very difficult.

It would seem that each one -as if it were a curse- had in its conscience that the others -all of them- should be in his image and likeness.

.- No , no . You see. It was “in the image and likeness of God."

.- Ah! But, I am a child of God!

.- Ahhhh!...

.- So they have to be "the image and likeness of me" -says each-.

Therefore... "what can I do?". That is to say that amity, harmony is not possible... Very difficult!

Even the being with itself. But when grouped with friends or affectivities, etc., the 'un-pleasantness', 'un-complaisance' starts, in which each one is demanding from the other, in his own way, that they be like him.

The Prayer Sense... tells us what we already know, yes, but sometimes we have to reiterate on the evidences: it communicates that the Creation expresses itself through life and biodiversity, through diversification, to amplify life and bring it to contemplation. And for that, every being that arrives is endowed with resources, means, sympathies, antipathies, manias, etc., which it has to express, manifest... and transmit. Because it is necessary, it is needed. That is why it has come.

This is usually understood... although not shared; and even less, experimented.

Based on this, the Praying Sense insists on the "complaisant acceptance"; in knowing how to assume the role, the part and the function that each one has, interacting with it in such a way that everyone really is the vehicle they should be, without being stagnated in "I am like this!", and becomes an instrument of power; no, instead "this is how I present myself, but... evolving, moving, changing, learning”.

To assume -first as a proposal- that all living things come from a Creative Mystery that we can place before the Big Bang, after the Big Bang, chance, coincidence, luck... -anywhere that you want-; if we take into account that option, obviously, in this diversification, we have something in common: our origin, our function. There is something in the others that seems familiar to me that perhaps, reflects something of me, which gives me the clarity of feeling part of a Whole.

If that proposal is maintained in a pragmatic way, just when we begin to make prejudice, judgment, condemnation... ah!... surely we will find, in the one we are faced with, with whom we work, with which we share, with whom we interact, etc. something of us; in the other, find something from us, because of the common core of origin... and because of that general function each will contribute.

It's like saying, in another language: What does this situation mean to me? What does this problem mean to me -if the problem exists- or this discomfort, or this uneasiness? ¿What does it tell me? And what do I have to say, to clarify, to improve, to alleviate…?

Yes. We are increasingly lowering the level of the proposals... aspiring to achieve a minimum. "Minimum”.

Probably, we could say that we are in a moment of the species -and it can be tested anywhere, generalizing- in which the sensibilities of the beings are becoming especially selfish, especially demanding; especially looking for personal results and equivalences -as we said at the beginning-.

Undoubtedly, the war -the war, yes- of this kind of life is what sustains this sensitivity. That is why the Prayer Sense comes to remind us that we are not warlike beings; that our sensitivity must be flexible, adaptable, livable; that we must make an effort to achieve a minimum of equanimity, to recognize the actions, presences and attitudes of the other...

But accept them... without slavery, without demands: "Now I love you, now I don’t. Now you interest me, now you don’t." Because if not we would fall -or it falls- in the "use and throw away"; and in being "leftovers" of the other. Leftovers: what is left. "You are a leftover. But when I'm interested... you're fine." And so, some with respect to others, they are left overs.

And, probably, if each one in the set is repositioned, it positions in the role or in the part that at that moment corresponds...

That is: that everyone was in its place, because everyone has one... without this causing a consideration for achievements, profits.

Because, if we take a look, we realize that... some more, some less, they are loaded with shotguns. They don’t allow us even one mistake! We are shot from every angle!

.- Because you said, because you talked, because you commented, because you promised...

.- Eeeh! Eeeh! Eeehhh!... And so did you.

.- Yes, me too, but now it is about you.

.- Ah! Ah!...

Hey, does the compassion exist? Is there mercy? Or are those things... old theories of God? Does kindness exist...? Or are there things from children's stories?

"Today I give you a warm kiss because you have behaved well. But instead, today I give you a cold kiss, because you have fallen short."

Like training a dog; like -in the same way- educating a person:

"If you behave well, according to my criteria, we'll get along. If not, I will punish you with the whip... of my indifference, or my criticism or my punishment."

Armed to the teeth, each one roams dodging judgments, prejudices, points of view... And everyone doubts and is becoming indecisive, seeking to please the other, not to disturb the other, to be careful with this one, or alerted by the others.

A very powerful phrase qualified humanity from the perspective of the Creation. A very powerful phrase... explained the species’ behaviour: “nest of vipers!"

Yes. And interestingly, the snake nests are not as terrible as might be expected, but... when there are several, yes.

But we are not vipers. No. We do not need to behave like those beings, when they are in circumstances of terror.

We are endowed with options, with possibilities, with capabilities. And we know when we bother!, when we are making someone uncomfortable, when we hurt, when we run over. There may be a slip in which the being does not notice, but it is very occasional.

Sometimes -more than sometimes-... the beings are contemplated as knife sharpeners.

And if a joint labour has to be made, because it is part of our life heritage, knives are not needed, apathy has no place, indolence is not presentable, justification is... unclassifiable.

Consequently, each one must have a criterion of universality and of particularity, of responsibility for that criterion, in order to establish a truly edifying coexistence. And not a coexistence full of "light - darkness": lightness that is not full clarity, and darkness that is absolutely without light.

The sentence is easy; the trigger is ready; the spear, as well; the knife is ready...

It may seem exaggerated, but... if that is the way you think, just take a good look, adjust your visual acuity.

And, when adjusted -the visual-, with what is contemplated, probably... probably more than one, has fear of himself; for what he thinks, for what he feels, for what he does, for how he does it...

We must promote a quality control of our consciousness, of our positions, of our tendencies. Do not anchor ourselves in prejudices and customs... and in the usual "it's like that”..."that's what there is"... A model of comfort in which each one seeks its peace at the cost of the suffering of any other.

But, of course, at the same time, everyone has its: "It wasn’t me!, it wasn’t me! It has nothing to do with me! No, this is not my fault! I am not responsible! I am not...!".

It was no one!

The truth is that those reactions provoke dread... because of the irresponsibility of the answer; for how unrecoverable -probably- that position is.

As the saying states: “Everyone killed her but she died on her own." But nobody... No, no, no!

And it also seems, so many times, that everyone hears what they want to hear... And if not, they invent it -that they heard it- and consequently decides, without checking!

Eeeh! Eeeh! Eeeh, ehh!...

Yes. Interpretation is free, but interpret when you are sure of what you hear. And what you hear is not only what you say to yourself, or think to yourself, but...what others say! That also counts.

.- I listened, I understood, I felt, I thought, deduced... and I exercised and I...

.- Wait, wait, wait! Wait a minute! And did you prove all that?

.- No. To me it was clear.

.- Ah! It was clear to you. Right! Only your mould is correct. The moulds of others do not count.

Intricate twists of confusions reign in collaborations; and all of this because of not being able to identify, each one, in its position. And saying with respect and admiration what one feels for... the other.

And in that panorama of "light - darkness" –little light and very dark- it is suggested, from the Praying Sense, to do a personal assessment to see how are the values ​​we have!, that have to be guarded!, that have to be shared!, that have to be delivered! How are they? What do we do with them?. What is their degree of availability? How to exercise them, without losing them.

The value is there. Every living being is a current value. But it has to be exercised; it has to be made worth!...

I cannot lose my worth based on not... or of fear of offending!

What kind of care is that?

It is more than possible to exercise in identifying oneself, in showing oneself... without the fear of being condemned!

Not to yield the value we have been given, to prevent the anger or the scolding or others discomfort; rather to show our value, and that it is appreciated! Winning respect, because of evidences, because of complaisance; because of dedications and dispositions; without abuses!

Drops... of sincerity... claim their presence.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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